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New Year, New You, New Home Environment?

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

If your anything like me, you’re thinking, wow 2022 went by in the blink of an eye, then with a little sigh, I realise I ran out of year to do everything I had planned this time last year! With a toddler in tow, a shift working partner and running a small business, I can see why I may have run out of days to do what I wanted to, but nevertheless, they are added to this year’s list, with maybe a few amendments 😊

So, those New Year’s resolutions, have you made any yet? The top of mine is to lose weight (as it has been for the last 10 years minus the year I was pregnant, where I was fat and didn’t give a monkeys!) and get healthy.

Next on the list is to make improvements to my home environment, if I’m having a healthier me, it is only right that I need to make considerations to my home environment.

The way, and how we live makes a bigger difference to our wellbeing and overall health more than I think we would like to admit, especially when we are trying to shoe horn all our belongings into any space that they will fit, without any true consideration to whether it is somewhere it should belong...(for us, normally under the bed or the sofa, out of sight out of mind!)

A cluttered, bursting at the seams home is not conducive to living in a happy, relaxed environment, this is scientifically proven and can lead to a stressful household.

For me even as an interior designer, I can identify that our home is no longer ‘fit for purpose’ our beautiful little boy came as a surprise, and we nor our home was ready for the abundance of ‘stuff’ you need to store for just one little person, it is insane! It drives me crazy, the washing is never done, when its ironed and ready to put away there isn’t enough room! It’s a vicious circle! I’m sure all you new mums can empathise & I have spoken to established mums and they can confirm it only gets worse!

So something needs to be done... and pronto! We have made the decision to acquire more space, as we need another room (at least!) then with more space I can declutter and allocate homes for all the stuff that doesn’t really have a home currently. Even just planning this makes my mind feel lighter and my anxiety levels are reducing. Whenever in the past I have had a big clear out, bagged things for the local charity shop, listed items on eBay I have felt a feeling of relief and achievement and a sense of accomplishment which is a feel good factor we all appreciate.

When there is order and organisation in your home in terms of furnishings and personal belongings, a home has room to breathe, it is restful & therefore creates a calming ambiance for the people who live there, which is something most people want to achieve in their homes.

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t get some satisfaction from re organising their home, especially when the purpose and inhabitants have changed. Just simply having some additional storage built so things can be put away in an actual place that they belong rather than spread all over the house sporadically is a relief.

I find a get a lot of clients hire me to repurpose their home once their children have left, the dynamic of what is required from a family home changes, I hear often that they can now ‘get their home back’ but finding what that now looks like can be a challenge, but with help of an expert interior designer eye we can assist as we look at the space differently to the way our clients will, we can be objective and really delve into how you want your space to look and feel without the emotional attachment.

If you are looking for some personal change this year, don’t overlook the environment you live in while you are making those changes. Your home is your roots and should be your place of restful tranquillity, not somewhere that feels full to the brim or chaotic without purpose.

Hope you all have a prosperous year and embrace that Feel Good Factor in your home.


@Cole & Fox Interior Design

Photo Credit, images obtained from Cole & Fox Interior Design, Houzz, Instagram & Pinterest

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