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Full Interior Design

Prices vary depending on scope of project

We understand all clients are different and not one project is the same. Within this package we will provide you with a completely bespoke design aimed at helping you to achieve the home you have always dreamed of.

What to expect;

 - To begin we ask you to complete a Welcome Questionnaire, sent via email, this is so we can get to know you and who is living with you a little better, we ask for this to be completed prior to our first meeting.

- We will then schedule a 90 minute consultation with you in your home to discuss your initial ideas, budget &


Whilst at your property we will conduct a site

survey, where we will take detailed measurements & 

photographs of the existing space.

-Next we will get to work on your design. Depending on the size of the project, the design concept will be ready in 2-3 weeks. We will then schedule an appointment in your home to walk you through the design concept, this will help you get a real feel and visual for how the new space will look.

Your design document could include;

- Mood board Scheme

- 2D space layout, this will help you visualise the overall

look of the room/s. 

- 3D CGI (Artist Visualisation of the space)

-Sampling-Paint & Fabric suggestions 

- Lighting

- Shopping List which will include where to purchase & prices.

Additional service you may wish to add to your design concept ;

- The Finishing Touches. The styling service where we will come back in person and add the finishes, to have that 'turn key' effect.

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