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Find your happy place!

In a world that over the last 24 months has thrown us all nothing but curve balls not knowing if we can go out or stay in from one month to the next, I find myself thinking is it not time for us all to now create that happy space in our own humble abodes?

Do you ever find yourself levitating towards a certain restaurant, coffee shop, hotel, or outdoor space because you just like the way it makes you feel when you are in that place? You get that inner feeling of joy and when you leave you find yourself wondering when you can plan to go back. How fantastic would it be if that feeling of inner warmth and happiness could be found just a few steps away in your own home… I find myself as a designer questioning places I frequent, why do I love being here? I generally conclude that it is the overall ambiance of the place that keeps me coming back for more…. in many cases the venue draws me in and keeps me guessing, even if I have been before I always find something else that brings me joy when I’m there.

For example, I love to go to Australsia restaurant in Manchester, since having a baby, I tend to go for late lunches with friends rather than evening meals (food is amazing!),

Photo credit @austrasia

I love this place, the décor is full of little pockets of interest within a neutral subtle colour palette. Even though the décor hasn’t changed for 10 years it still gives me that happy feeling when I’m there, when I was there recently, I notice the beautiful ash trees used to zone the open seating booths, they are just stunning, so much so I am now sourcing them for my own home, to be added into my happy space!

Another place I love is The Ivy in Manchester, now this is maximalism at its finest, this place is the meaning of wow factor in a completely opposite way to Australisa, I mean they are worlds apart in terms of décor, but both bring delight in a

different ways to me personally, the Ivy has that element of theatre with all the colours and clashing patterns & textures, that really work!

Courtesy of @TheivyManchester instagram

I could go on forever with my happy places I go to in my social time, there are many that are my out of the house joyful places to go, but with all of us having new huge energy bills and the cost of living increasing, I think its time we found some more happiness in our own space, lets find a place in our house that we can go to and it transport us to somewhere that is exciting, restful and fills you with joy.

How can you start…. Its easy just be brave, start doing rather than fantasising about the idea, hire an interior designer to navigate you through the process, this way you can be brave but it is less daunting as you have someone who knows what they are doing to hold your hand through the process and show you ideas you may never have considered before.

Photo credit @dulux

Even paint the walls the colour you have been swooning at every time you see it on Pinterest, put up that wallpaper that speaks to you, and it doesn’t just blend into the background and be creative with how and where you hang it…. Remember the ceiling is a wall to!!

Photo credit @woodchipandmagnolia

Create an outside space away from your main home that can be used all year round with the addition of a summerhouse or pagoda.

Photo Credit @Harbour Lifestyle

Buy that feature piece of furniture you want,

Photo Credit @Sofaandchair

or that piece of art that transports you to another place when you look at it. It’s time to make your home your happy place, even it is just one room.

Be Brave, you may just like the outcome…..


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