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The Finishing Touches in your Home

Finishing touches not to scrimp on when doing a project.

As you will have heard people say over the years, the ‘devil is in the detail’. Which is true, not only in everything we do in life but also very important when designing your home, the finishing touches can really give your project the wow factor.

When I design for clients, I always pay close attention to detailing. What do I mean by this? I mean the finer details, the things that often get overlooked and can really make the difference.

I’m going to tell you in this short blog my top 3 things that should form part of the design process on your project.

1. Light Switches

It always amazes me how many people do not consider these items when I visit peoples homes. Especially when I see how other items have been carefully considered such as small accessories such as pendent lights, cushions etc, its key you don’t miss the light switches, these are here to stay for many many years to come. Don’t just opt for what the electrician suggests, your light switches are going to be at eye level and there is lots of options to give consideration to. Light switches take up visual space on the wall and they are not the type of thing you can hide.

I have a couple of go to lighting accessory designers I levitate toward for clients when I am doing their interior design. My favourite favourite is Buster & Punch, the simplicity in design and carefully considered tones when mixing metallics together is done with such precision, they are not the cheapest around, but they are a functional accessory that well deserves some wall space, you will find yourself asking guests to switch the lights on just so you can show it off!

If you are looking for white to go into an airy neutral styled room, don’t opt for the standard plastic white switches, try Dowsing And Reynolds, simple but beautiful, I particularly like the ones with a touch of brass on the toggle this gives it pure elegance.

Finally if you want something more modern contemporary with a touch of individuality, take a look at the matt finish pinstriped light switch, designed by one of my favourite inspirational interior designers; Kelly Hoppen, she has designed a stunning range with Focus SB, well worth a nosey!

Dimmer Brass & Matt black light switch. Luxury light switches
Buster & Punch Dimmer Light Switch
  Dowsing And Reynolds, luxury white light switch with gold toggles
Dowsing And Reynolds Toggle Light Switch
Kelly Hoppen designed light switches. Matt black and gold pinstripe
FOCUS SB _ Pinstripe light Switch

2. Door Trims

This is my number 1 fail when you’re spending a lot on your carpets/flooring. For those who aren’t sure what a door trim is, it is the strip of metal that stops your carpet from fraying and also finishes the edges on wood and vinyl floors.

The visual difference between a standard door bar and a premium one is more noticeable than you think. A standard trim is just functional it gives you no grandeur on entering a room.

A premier trim is just that, a premium door strip that gives flooring the ultimate finish to your room. It accessories your expensive flooring with a luxury finish. It brings everything together, from the moment you notice and step over these metal trims you get a feeling of something special on the other side.

In simple terms buying an expensive flooring and finishing it with a standard trim is the equivalent of buying an expensive Steak and washing it down with a cheap wine. Neither one does the other any justice and should never be combined together.

Tile to carpet door bar in polished chrome
Polished Chrome Door Trim
Silver carpet to carpet door bar
Standard functional door bar

3. Door Handles

Top Tip! Your door handles should at the very least match your door trims. Matt black door handles are very on trend currently and you can buy matt black door trims to match. This again can be a small detail that can be over looked, when making changes to the home. This especially can knock the whole fluidity of a property if these aren’t colour co-ordinated.

There are vast options available nowadays, even the local DIY stores such as Wickes provide a nice affordable range. If you are looking for something mid range price wise and a bit more design driven, take a look at Door Handle Company, they have a large choice of handles in many finishes.

Lastly Buster & Punch, as mentioned is always a favourite of mine and I specify them regularly for clients wanting that little bit extra from their finishing touches. They just feel quality in your hand when you touch them and carry some weight. These are also the choice of finish for a lot of premium bespoke cabinet makers, such as Atelier based in Macclesfield.

Considering door furniture is important, they will be very much on show, they tend to be the main 'feature on an internal door'.

Antique Black Brass door interior door handle
Buster & Punch Door Handle
Wickes Satin Nickle Door Handle, affordable door handles
Wickes Satin Nickle Door Handle
Chrome Door Handle
Door Handle Company

In summary when you are designing your home try not to overlook what seems like the minor details, this will make the difference to whether the home fluidly works and also takes it from a standard to premium finish. Everything working together is worth the small investment .

If you are working on a project now and need some advice around the finishing touches, We would love to hear from you and help you collectively bring it all together.

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