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Why Hire an Interior Designer?

Eclectic Lounge, Bold Prints, Scandi influence chairs
Hire an Interior Designer & Make a House a Home

Redesigning areas in your home should be an exciting and fun task, so why do so many find it a stressful experience?

Instagram and Pinterest can often be the root of the problem when thinking about starting a decor project, there really is too much choice and to much choice can confuse the mind, making it a tough task pinpointing which design solution would be the best fit for your property. Clients sometimes tell me their experience of ‘researching’ options for there rooms, as getting lost down a ‘black hole’ in an abyss of ideas! Sound Familiar?

Of course in an ideal world you want to replicate the stunning rooms we see on social media and in glossy home magazines. However, in most peoples reality, the time and effort it takes to create a similar composition can be more than a challenge, especially when you have a full time job and/or children.

Do you find yourself questioning yourself before even starting a project?

What if it doesn’t look right when I have done the work?

What if the colour scheme ends up not being right once I start purchasing paints..?

What if my furniture choices are incorrect?

Yes, size does matter... in terms of furniture sourcing. You don’t want to end up with more settee than sitting room, or conversely buying a settee that is engulfed by the room it was purchased for.

There is so much to consider, even the lighting, I’m not talking light fittings, such as pendants or light shades, i'm talking about the variation of light bulbs, not all beams are the same colour when they are switched on, this can change you decor in an instant! Not always for the better, it can alter the mood by a flick of a switch, nightmare!

But don’t worry help is at hand... in the form of hiring an Interior Designer.

We take all the multiple choices and stress away (and potential disagreements with loved ones) we discuss your idealistic ideas and bring them to life in a visual way. Did you know that not only do we design a space that is all about your personality, but we provide a shopping list of where to source everything new we have specified. Interior Designers are experts who provide Moodboards, a few visual ideas of how your space could look in a variety of ways, we have the experience and knowledge of what will and won’t work.....And yes we can even advise you on the all important light bulb selection!

The only thing we leave to you is to decide which design concept is best suited to you. Simple!

Talking about making life easier, I have recently been to do an initial consultation for a retired couple who are wanting to redesign their Dining Room. A room that has been untouched decor & furniture wise for almost 20 years, they told me they have photographs of there daughter when she was 7 in this room at Christmas (she has now left home and living with her husband!) Their home is lovely but as you can imagine somewhat dated. I asked why its taken this long to change the room, the response was, that it is causing to many arguments and its the time, they are both retired and they still can’t find the time to put aside to decide and agree on the best colour scheme and new furniture. So it has just been left.

Yes, paying for an interior designer and a decorator costs some money. But it gets the job done and you can start enjoying that space again.

Did you know your home is an important part of your wellbeing. Life is full of challenges and chaos, it should be your place of rest, your calming retreat.

‘A happy cohesive home is good for your soul’ - Cole & Fox Interior Design

If there are places in your home that evoke a negative feeling, its time to change them, once you have done it, it becomes infectious as it makes you inwardly feel good.... and if you feel good you look good!

If your looking to redesign your home, so you look forward to returning after a long day at work. We can help you- Advice/Design/Create

Get in touch today!

Lets chat through your ideas and bring your ideas to fruition

Call Kate on: 07792 03 1876

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